8 Unique Ways to Style a Terrarium

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Add a bit of greenery to your home with an eye-catching display. DIY indoor terrariums are very easy to build in addition to being visually appealing, so it’s no wonder that they’ve become such a popular decor piece over the last couple years.

Depending on the plants used in the exhibit, you can opt for an open or closed container. Most terrariums are filled with various layers of sand, gravel, and/or activated charcoal, so be sure to read up on which conditions are best for your plants. You’ve seen the standard idea of a terrarium in which air plants and succulents are potted in a clear glass vase; if you’re interested in exploring something less traditional, here are some stylish and unique terrarium ideas:

Photo: Delineate Your Dwelling


This adorable tiny planter is magnetic, so you can showcase it just about anywhere. Not only would these look great on your fridge, but they’d also make awesome party favors. Get the instructions from Soap Deli News.

Side Table

Build a piece that’s both alluring and functional. This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess shows us how to make a lively piece of furniture with faux plants.

Decorative Bowl

Rather than planting her species in a typical clear glass jar, The Blondielocks potted her mini garden in a fun patterned bowl.

“House” Plants

We are obsessed with this neighborhood of tiny plant arrangements. Katy and Zucchini shares her steps with us for this unique terrarium idea.


Persia Lou demonstrates how to make a unique arrangement inside of lanterns that would typically hold candles. Make things even more magical by inserting fairy lights.

Sand Art

Sand is a necessary component in most terrariums (depending on species) so why not make things exciting with colorful shade. See A Beautiful Mess for the details on this DIY indoor terrarium.

Shadow Box

Bring some life to your walls or desktop with a shadow box planter. Head to A Little Craft in Your Day for details. 

Modern Globe

Put your petals on a pedestal with this DIY from Delineate Your Dwelling.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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