Unique Wall Shelves You Can DIY

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
Image: Oh Oh Deco

Shelf your stuff on a one-of-a-kind ledge that enhances your interior design. These unique builds maintain a minimal aesthetic but add more character to a space than a standard wall-mounted rack. Listed below are eight projects with free plans for decorative and functional pieces that you can make at home.


Semi Circles

These half circle shelves by Paper & Stitch look like a pastel round that’s been folded in half to serve as the perfect ledge. The neutral color pallet maintains a fun, modern look, but you could also opt to leave the wood bare for a clean result.


Install a shelf that lends a “homey” feeling to your space with this build by Burkatron.


This DIY from Upcycle That brings natural inspiration indoors but keeps things contemporary with straight, clean lines. Insert the smaller internal shelving or leave each mountain empty for a larger storage option.

Multi-Layered Round

Inspired by a pricey designer shelf, A New Bloom hacked her way to the same style of organization with this ingenious project.

Popsicle Stick Honeycomb

No seriously, this handsome set of shelves is constructed from popsicle sticks. Head to eHow to see how Maya Marin made these mid-century-inspired hexagons.

Box Collage

This assortment of wall cubbies is a fun way to display decor and daily necessities (peep the key hooks). Read up on this project at I Spy DIY.

Tetris Shapes

Sure, this shelving by Our Nerd Home may be inspired by video games, but it totally looks like something you’d see in a MoMA exhibit.


Oh Oh Deco crafted these drop-shaped shelves and they are simply gorgeous. Display in the bathroom as a nod to H2O or anywhere else at home to add a modern paisley moment. 

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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