Do You Really Love Cheese If You Don’t Own These Products?

Not to sound cheesy, but, the world is a better place because cheese exists. Whether you prefer a sharp cheddar or creamy ricotta, it’s the perfect complement to virtually any dish. The cheese sure does stand alone as a delicious snack (or meal, we’re not judging) and there’s tons of ways to prep and serve it. We found the best kitchen tools and cheese accessories for fromage lovers that take the dairy-consuming experience to a whole new level.

Photo: Crate&Barrel; This article contains affiliate links.

Cheese Shaper

Custom-make crispy bowls, taco shells and more with this microwavable tool. Friends and family will be blown away by your plates that resemble something coming out of a gourmet chef’s kitchen.

$17, Amazon

Knife Set

Every cheese aficionado needs a dedicated knife set. Butter knives just don’t make the cut.

$48, Anthropologie

Cheese Huggers

Extend the life of your favorite blend with silicone caps that prevent drying and mold.

$10, UncommonGoods

Rotary Grater

Surely you’ve seen this fancy gadget at restaurants, now you can get the same quality sprinkles at home.

$14.99, Amazon

Grilled Cheese Toaster

Making a grilled cheese has never been easier – just pop in your slices of choice and enjoy!

$23.99, Amazon

Chalkboard Markers

Not everyone is a cheese enthusiast, so food labels come in handy when entertaining. These chalkboard markers help identify options, or you could DIY this chalkboard serving tray.

$12.95, Crate&Barrel

Table Grater

We think this tool would make a grate addition to your eatery.

$49.99, World Market

Raclette Melting Set

Dress meats and veggies with a layer of gooey, melted cheese *drool emoji*.

$19.95, Amazon

Cheese-Scented Stress Block

This is nacho average stress ball. When things go awry, squish this fragrant block; real or fake, cheese will always make everything better.

$5.53, Amazon

Fondue Maker

Fondue: a cheese lover’s classic. Melt down your favorite flavors into a decadent pool of cheese with wines, herbs, and spices.

$45.99, Amazon

Cheese Board

Invest in a stylish and durable board to prep and serve cheeses on. Sometimes you’ll find that cutting boards, wood in particular, can retain scents from previous food prep, so it’s a good idea to reserve a tray for cheese to avoid altering tastes. 

$48, Anthropologie

Cheese Making Kit

Use your DIY skills to make Italian cheese at home such as mozzarella and burrata. This kit includes enough materials for ten batches.

$24.95. UncommonGoods

Wire Slicer

Delicately cut slices to your desired thickness with this handheld tool.

$14.95, Crate&Barrel

Fondue Mugs


Make a personal batch of fondue right in the grasp of your hand with these fun mugs.

$14.95 for 2, Amazon

Hand Soap

Be careful with this one, it looks like the real deal. Choose from a wide selection of scents or opt for unscented.

$4,sweetsoaptreat on Etsy

Commercial Slicer

Go big or go home, right?

$298, Amazon

Guide and Cookbook

Become the cheese connoisseur you strive to be with this text that features over 100 recipes.

$16.99, Amazon

17 Elegant & Affordable Marble Kitchen Accessories

Can marble be called trendy if it never actually goes out of style? The timeless stone accent sure has its surges in popularity from time to time, and you can rest assured knowing an investment in this design detail will probably never go obsolete. This cool-toned natural resource makes a space look clean and modern and these sophisticated-looking marble kitchen accessories are pieces of functional artwork that can be left on display when not in use (watch out, Michelangelo).

Make sure to check product details, as some of these marble kitchen items are made from genuine marble and others are marble-inspired designs (authentic marble oven mitts probably aren’t the most efficient to work with). These stylish gadgets work in a variety of settings, no matter the casualness of your event, and can be used in any matter from a relaxed Taco Tuesday to a formal dinner party. Keep in mind that most of these online retailers give an extra percentage off of already inexpensive items with a quick email entry!

*This post contains affiliate links. Photo: Crate&Barrel 


Rolling Pin with Stand

Smoothly roll out dough for any occasion with this marble rolling pin. The tool comes with an included stand that allows for sleek presentation on the countertop.

Crate&Barrel, $24.95


Bottle Opener Set

Pop bottles in style with this bottle opener/corkscrew duo. Available in copper and brass.

West Elm, $19


Fruit Bowl

Showcase produce in this fancy bowl; your kitchen will look like a study for a still-life painting.

Crate&Barrel, $49.95


Oven Mitt Set

This pot holder and mitt set will keep your hands protected and stylish at the same time.

Etsy, $10.20


Cooking Utensils

In addition to being durable, this line of cookware will lend a more modern vibe to the culinary experience.

Amazon, $27.99 for 6 pc.


Canister Set

Bring in the marble with this canister trio that can contain condiments, tea bags, baking ingredients, and more.

Amazon, $35.99


Pestle & Mortar

Use this solid white pestle and mortar combo to mash up dips, spice blends, and butters like a true seasoned chef.

Crate&Barrel, $29.95



Why use basic silverware when you can set the table with this fun marbleized cutlery?

Target, $16.89 for 20 pc.


Art Print

Make a marble splash on your kitchen wall with this stone-inspired coffee print.

Etsy, $6.95 & up


2-Tiered Server

Elevate your next home event with this double-tiered marble and iron stand.

Crate&Barrel; $59.95


Salt & Pepper Cellar

Keep seasonings camouflaged and within reach with this minimalist box that exhibits a divided interior.

Pottery Barn, $39.50


Farmhouse Sink

If you really love marble, why stop at accessories? Swap out your kitchen sink for this large, solid marble piece.

Signature Hardware, $1,299


Paper Towel Holder

Dispense paper towel from this stone holder that crosses elegances with utility.

Crate&Barrel, $19.95


Measuring Spoons

Even the littlest of accessories can match the room.

Macy’s, $32


Serving Board

Prep and serve snacks and apps on this chic tray that can be displayed in or out of the kitchen for an added dose of marble. Includes inlayed copper monogram of choice.

Williams Sonoma, $39.95


Napkin Rings

Whether you use linen napkins on the daily or only showcase them on holidays, these plastic marbleized rings will go beautifully with any color fabric.

Bed Bath & Beyond, $15.99 for 4


Floor Mat

This marble-inspired mat gives your feet the care they need while you work hard at the sink or stove.

Amazon, $37.99

27 Kitchen Products for the Rose Gold-Obsessed

The rose gold trend has been on the rise in recent years. It’s so popular that fashion designers now offer their most coveted pieces from watches to stilettos in this metallic finish. Even smartphone manufacturers released tech in this pink metallic shade in response to the high demand. Rose gold is basically the shiny version of millennial pink, so there’s no wonder why it’s been such a success in the retail world. This blush tone coating is not limited to earrings and iPhones—furnish your kitchen with products that have been given the pink Midas touch too! Check out our favorite rose gold kitchen accessories and utensils below.

*This article contains affiliate links


Cake Cutting Set

Some people want their cake served on a silver platter, I want mine cut with a rose gold knife.

West Elm, $39



Make a perfectly toasted snack in this pearly pink appliance.

Amazon, $49.99


Stainless Steel Flatware

Upgrade your table setting with a rosy pink set of forks, knives and spoons.

Amazon, $49.99



Perfect for rosé or whatever wine you got on hand.

Amazon, $16.79


Cooking Utensils

Everything tastes better when it’s made with rose gold tools.

Amazon, $19.99



Make smoothies, frozen cocktails, coffee drinks and more in this self-cleaning pink blender.

Amazon, $199


Fruit Bowl

Keep produce within reach with this pink wired bowl.

West Elm, $20


Coffee Mugs

Complement a table setting with a set of these pink-gilded mugs or grab one and relax with a cup of tea.

Target, $5.99 each


Recipe Book

Save family recipes and new Pinterest finds in this rose gold-accented recipe book.

Etsy, $25.24


Wine Rack

Stack bottles on this metallic pink honeycomb rack.

World Market, $24.99


Reusable Straws

Go green with these rose gold straws that can be used over and over again. Each set includes four bent and four straight straws plus two cleaning brushes.

Amazon, $11.90


Plastic Cups

You can get boring plastic cups for your next party or these fabulous rose gold-rimmed ones, the choice is yours.

Amazon, $19.99 for 100


Disposable Cutlery

This rosy plastic flatware is an entertaining game-changer.

Amazon, $34.99 for 300 pieces.


Sink Hardware

When we say you can’t have too much rose gold, we mean it., $270



These blush-tone stemless cups come with lids so that you can take your beverage on the go.

Amazon, $22.99 for 2


Tray Table

A glamorous table like this one will instantly elevate the room. Transport drinks and and appetizers with it’s removable tray.

CB2, $79.95



Trade your tongs for these trendy pink tools.

Amazon, $12.99 for set


Coffee Print

Add a fun art piece to the space with a rose gold-embellished print.

Etsy, $33.62



These metallic placemats add a modern element to a tablescape.

CB2, $11.95



This elegant teapot has “pink-y up” written all over it.

Dillard’s, $28.99


Napkin Rings

Contain linens in these pretty little beaded rings.

Bed Bath & Beyond, $2.99


Wine Glasses

Whichever wine you prefer, it will look even classier when sipped from this shiny stemware.

Hayneedle, $47.98 for 4



Now you can be healthy ~in style~.

Amazon, $420



Pin notes and grocery lists to the fridge with these pink mirrored magnets.

Etsy, $12


Trash Can

Everything about your kitchen can be fabulous, even your garbage.

Bed Bath & Beyond, $129.99


French Press

Make a delicious cup of joe with this pink-tinted French press coffee maker.

Amazon, $49.99


Spice Rack

Spice things up with a rose gold rack for all your seasonings.

World Market, $12.99

11 Amazing Gadgets for Pasta Lovers

There’s an infinite amount of reasons to love pasta: it’s delicious, super easy to make, cooks in minutes, and is versatile enough to be paired with all sorts of sauces, meats, and veggies. Whether you’re a pro or would rather pick up a box from the store, we’ve sourced helpful pasta making tools for pasta lovers on all levels.

*This post contains affiliate links

Strainer Clip

Just clip and pour, it’s that easy.

Amazon, $11.98


Spaghetti Measure

No more guessing or copious amounts of leftovers.

Amazon, $5.99



Enjoy pasta without the guilt. This device cranks out all sorts of noodles from zucchinis, sweet potatoes, and more.

Amazon, $29.99


Ravioli Press

Make delicious homemade raviolis with any filling you desire.

Amazon, $13.95


Pasta Machine

Crank out pasta made from-scratch with this authentic Italian machine. This one is hand-powered but you could opt for the automatic one.

Amazon, $89.95


Hands-Free Stirrer

This pasta gadget automatically stirs up the sauce, allowing you to sit back and relax or tend to whatever else you’ve got cookin’.

Amazon, $39.99


Twirling Bowl

Never use a regular dish again for eating pasta. This bowl comes with a custom dip in it, specifically for twirling spaghetti.

Amazon, $46.58


Ravioli Cutters

Punch out a variety of ravioli shapes and sizes using these handheld cutters. The set includes two round sizes, a square, and a heart!

Amazon, $18.99


Drying Rack

Lay out all sorts of fresh pasta on this rack to dry: spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine, vermicelli, linguine, lasagne and more.

Amazon, $10.29


Extruder Attachment

If you already own a KitchenAid Mixer, you don’t have to buy a pasta machine – just get this attachment piece.

Amazon, $124.99


Macaroni Board

Roll out gnocchi and other textured pastas like a real Italian grandmother with this board.

Amazon, $5.99

9 Tools You Need If You Love Making Pizza

Frozen and delivery pizza have nothing on a homemade pie. And if you invest in the proper pizza making tools, you’ll never want to order takeout again. Roll out (store-bought or from-scratch) dough, shave fresh cheese, and bake it on a stone or crisper tray with these handy pizza gadgets.. Not only does this save you money on ordering out, but you’ll get to enjoy a steamy pizza out the oven, without the wait of delivery.

Cutter Wheel

This cutter fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to section off your pie with ease and safety. 

Amazon; $14.79


Rotating Oven

Create an evenly cooked pizza in minutes with this compact oven .

Amazon; $41.97


Cheese Grater

Your cheese grater should be as fabulous as you are.

CB2; $9.95


Personalized Peel

Prep, transfer, and serve pizza on this custom paddle.

Etsy; $28.80


Crisper Pan

For all you crispy-crust lovers.

Target; $6.89


Rolling Pin

Roll out pizza in style with this marble pin and stand set.

Crate&Barrel; $24.95


Stone With Frame

Recreate the taste of your favorite brick-oven pizza at home with this stone cooking tray.

Williams Sonoma; $59.95


Dough Docker

This mini spiked roller will ensure your pie comes out bubble-free.

Amazon; $19.89


Deep Dish Pan

If Chicago-style is more your speed, grab one of these deep dish pans. 

Williams Sonoma; $29.95

Healthy Home Cleaning & Safety Tips: Kitchen

If there’s one room we want to keep clean in the house, it’s the kitchen. We spend about half our lifetime at home but don’t usually give much thought to the connection between our health and housing. The kitchen is exposed to all sorts of contaminants from bacteria to chemicals, so it’s imperative that we take certain measures in this room to ensure that the meals coming out of it are healthy and safe. Follow these 10 essential kitchen cleaning and safety tips to keep a healthy home.

*This article contains affiliate links

Run Your Oven’s Range-Hood Fan When Cooking

Here’s an often overlooked kitchen safety tip: using the vent fan. Turn on your oven’s fan when making food to reduce cooking-related air pollutants, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.


Use BPA-Free Storage Containers

Toss out all water bottles and containers that are made with BPA. This chemical – a suspected health hazard, especially for kids –  can seep into food and drinks. Plastic containers labeled with a 1, 2 or 5 do not contain BPA or other plastic chemicals of concern. 

Amazon; about $37 for 20 pc. set


Filter Tap Water

Activated carbon filters cut levels of lead, chlorine and other contaminants in tap water. Use a pitcher, tap mount, or under-sink model filter system. Contact your municipality for a copy of your town or city’s water quality, or use an at-home test kit.

Amazon; about $18


Opt for a Copper Sink

The copper surface will help combat germs, as the metal is naturally antimicrobial.

Home Depot; $399


Patch Up Holes & Crevices

Patch any holes or open crevices to keep out disease-carrying pests.


Get a Refrigerator Thermometer

Ensure that food is stored at the proper temperature (below 39°F) with a thermometer inside the fridge.

Amazon; about $14


Replace Cracked Cutting Boards

Cracked cutting boards offer germs a place to hide. Opt for one made of maple wood, or plastic, like these color-coded boards, that help prevent cross-contamination during food prep.

Amazon; about $17


Change Fridge Filters Regularly

If your refrigerator comes with a water dispenser, it should come with a filter, and that filter has an expiration date. Change the filter accordingly before it gets overwhelmed with sediment buildup.


Let Dishes Dry Fully

Allowing plates, cups and silverware to thoroughly dry before putting them back to their respective places will discourage bacteria from settling in on your dishware.

Amazon; about $27


Disinfect Sponges & Replace Dishcloths

Replace dishcloths as needed and disinfect sponges daily. You can clean sponges by placing them in a solution of water and bleach for 5-10 minutes and then let them air dry or dry in microwave for one minute. This will ensure all unwanted mold and bacteria gets killed. These cloths offer you both options: one soft, microfiber side and one poly scour side for scrubbing.

Amazon; about $13

10 Life-Changing Kitchen Products for Under $10

Some of us have a knack for cooking. Some of us avoid the kitchen as much as possible. No matter which category you fall into, these awesome kitchen gadgets will definitely make cooking and baking easier (and maybe even fun!). The products below are all highly rated, and best of all, they’re all UNDER ten dollars!

*This post contains affiliate links

Citrus Sprayer

Enjoy the zest of real lemon juice with this spray nozzle that screws into produce.

Amazon; $5.99


Reusable Straws

Scrap the disposable plastic and switch over to these durable BPA-free straws that you can use time and time again. Think of the turtles.

Amazon; $7.99


Can Colander

Definitely one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” products.

Amazon; $3.49


Collapsible Whisk

This whisk turns flat in seconds, freeing up space in drawers and you’ll no longer have to struggle wedging a sponge in-between wires for cleaning. Warning: You’ll probably indulge in more brownie batter because it will be much easier to scrape out the bowl.

Amazon; $9.95


Silicone Food Savers

For ten bucks you can preserve fruits and veggies and seal open jars. No more loading leftovers into Tupperware and searching for the right lid. 

Amazon; $9.99


Extra Long Oven Mitts

Your forearms will thank you.

Amazon; $8.99


Dip Clip

Just think of all the extra guac.

Amazon; $7.98 for set of 4


Microwave Omelette Maker

Perfect for those who are not so skilled with a frying pan or anyone crunched for time in the morning.

Amazon; $6.66


Knife Sharpener

This small sharpener will keep your knives #onpoint.

Amazon; $5


Garlic Peeler

Peeling garlic can be so time-consuming, plus it stinks up your fingers, this tool solves both of those issues.

Amazon; $6.99