DIY Pet Beds That are Actually Stylish

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

You don’t have to compromise your home’s looks for the comfort of your pets; these custom-built beds cover both concerns! When choosing a bunk for your dog or cat, take all your decor into consideration and choose an accessory that can be tailored to match your furnishings. We found a handful of creative and stylish pet beds that could complement an array of styles from mid-century modern to contemporary minimalism.

Photo: A Pair and a Spare

House (One)

Does this little house look familiar? Probably because this DIY Pet House is from our Project Tutorials! Get yourself a half sheet of plywood and download our free plans to build this sweet shack.


In about one hour, you can build your kitten or pup the hippest home around. Get the details for this DIY pet bed from Coffee With Summer.


This DIY bed is both fashionable and resourceful. Zest it Up repurposed an old drawer, scrape piece of memory foam, and a thick branch for assembly.


Cats love a cozy perch. The Merrythought shows us how to create a wall-mounted hangout that your pet will love.


This daybed is for the big doggos. Gina at Style Curator breaks down the steps for this Scandinavian-style cot.

Murphy Bed

Perfect for tight spaces, this DIY Murphy bed can be folded away when not in use to become a sleek console table. Get the instructions from Room for Tuesday.

“Twin” Beds

If you have the space, consider building these beds that come with headboards and posts. Accidental Suburbanites created a doggy den in her house’s spare room and made it extra home-y with these custom pieces for her furry roommates.


Here’s another one of our favorite DIY cat houses, as seen in our DIY directory. This humble abode is from Burkatron.

Mid-Century Modern

This retro style is not just coming back for humans. Check out how A Pair and a Spare made this chic bed for her rescue.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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