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DIY Wood Hamper

Project cost
6 hours
Estimated time

Swap out open-top baskets and dingy canvas bins for this attractive laundry alternative. The straightforward design uses a scrap piece of plywood for the hamper's floor, and using a pin nailer will help you breeze through assembly. This compact piece can be tucked away in the room's corner since the top enclosure allows you to conceal unsightly garments and stinky gym socks.  Coat the completed hamper with a paint or stain of your choice, secure handles to the sides, or attach a pull for easier opening. Tip: Insert a linen sack for smoother trips back and forth to the washer.  

(This article originally appeared in This Old House magazine. Author // Jenn Largesse. Photo // Kristine Larson. Illustration // Gregory Nemec.)

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Step 1

Build the Legs

Secure the edge of a 1 x 2 leg piece to the face of a 1 x 3 leg piece, flush with its edge, to form an L. Repeat to make four legs.

Step 2

Attach the Panels and Floor Support

Secure front and back panels to the back sides of the 1 x 3 leg pieces, 2 inches from the ends. Secure side panels to the back sides of the 1 x 2 leg pieces. Secure floor supports between the front and back panels.

Step 3

Trim Hamper and Insert Floor

Secure crosspieces so that the lower ones sit flush with the bottoms of the panels and the upper ones with the handle cutouts sit flush with the tops of the legs. Drive screws at an angle through the top edges of the upper crosspieces and into the legs. Secure the plywood floor to the floor supports.

Step 4

Assemble and Attach Lid

Secure the lid’s short frame pieces between the long frame pieces. Secure the panel to the frame. Attach the lid to the hamper with two butt hinges. Add a stop hinge on one side.

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