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DIY Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

Project cost
3 hours
Estimated time

Build storage for outerwear with this DIY rack that lies flat on a wall. This mounted piece can fill up empty vertical space and is the perfect solution to a nonexistent or over-capacity entry closet. How you detail it is up to you; embellish the rack with decorative molding and a bold color or keep things simple with neutrals. This project features double coat hooks for storing maximum coats, umbrellas, or dog leashes, and two wire baskets for mail, keys, and gloves.

(This article originally appeared in This Old House magazine. Author // Joseph Truini. Photos // Wendell T. Webber.)

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Step 1

Crosscut the Parts

Use a miter saw to cut the seven boards to length. Crosscut the two 1 × 3s to 24 inches long, then cut the three 1 × 4s and two 2⅜-inch-wide fluted casings to 48 inches.

Step 2

Make a French Cleat

Adjust the bevel angle on your circular saw to 25 degrees, and set the blade depth to slightly deeper than the board’s thickness. Cut the 1 × 3 upper cleat lengthwise to create two identical beveled strips.

Step 3

Attach the French Cleat

Lay the two outside 1 × 4s parallel on a flat surface and place one half of the French cleat across them, flush with the edges and 6 inches below the top. As shown, the cleat’s narrow face should rest on the 1 × 4s, with the square edge facing the top. Drill pilot holes, then attach with wood glue and 1¼-inch trim-head screws.

Step 4

Install the Lower Cleat

Glue and screw on the 1 × 3 lower cleat, 6 inches from the bottom end of the 1 × 4s. Next, slide the third 1 × 4 beneath the cleats, centered between the outside 1 × 4s. Fasten it to the two cleats with wood glue and 1¼-inch screws.

Step 5

Add the Fluted Casing

Turn over the frame and position the fluted casing pieces so that they’re centered between the 1 × 4s. Attach the casings to the cleats with wood glue, and clamp in place until dry. Sand all surfaces with 120-grit sandpaper, and prime and paint the coatrack.

Step 6

Paint the Wire Baskets

While the rack dries, coat the wire baskets with spray primer and paint so that they match the coat hooks. Allow the paint to dry for at least two hours, then flip the baskets over and paint the other sides. Add a second coat of paint if desired.

Step 7

Install the Coat Hooks

Attach one coat hook to each 1  × 4, using the screws provided. Position the hooks about 9 inches down from the top end of the coatrack, and be sure each one is centered on the 1 × 4.

Step 8

Hang the Baskets and Install the Coatrack

Hold the baskets in place and mark positions for two cup hooks per basket. Screw the hooks into the 1 × 4s, and hang the baskets. Screw the other half of the French cleat to the wall, with its narrow face resting on the wall and its square edge facing down. Hang the coatrack on the wall-mounted cleat.

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