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DIY Magazine Rack

Project cost
about 1 hour
Estimated time

A DIY wall magazine rack is the perfect place to store and display your favorite magazines. The clear front and slim design is also perfect for displaying photos, records, and other artwork.

For this project, I’m using a small piece of plywood (sometimes called a “project panel” at the home center), a 1 x 2 board, and a thin acrylic sheet. To keep the design looking clean and fastener-free, I’m assembling it using a very strong glue called Clear Gorilla Glue. Download the plans for this wooden magazine rack below.

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Download Plans
Step 1

Prep the Plywood

Using the cut list above, mark the cut lines on the plywood. Place the plywood up on blocks, or so that the cut line is overhanging the edge of the work surface. Clamp the plywood in place. Tip: Place a piece of painters tape inside each cut line to protect the edges from chipping.

Step 2

Cut the Plywood

Using a circular saw, cut along the first line. Reposition the plywood, clamp it to the work surface, and then cut along the second line.

Step 3

Cut the 1x2 Pieces

Using a miter saw, cut the 1 x 2 pieces to length to make the sides, bottom, and divider.

Step 4

Sand the Pieces

Using a sanding sponge, lightly sand the edges and face of the plywood and 1 x 2 pieces.

Step 5

Prep the Acrylic

Apply a piece of painters tape along the center of the acrylic sheet. Using a permanent marker, mark a centerline on the tape.

Step 6

Cut the Acrylic

Using a miter saw (or circular saw) cut the acrylic to size. The acrylic can also be scored with a utility knife, and snapped along the line.

Step 7

Layout the Pieces

Layout the pieces so that the 1 x 2 boards rest on the plywood. Position the bottom 1 x 2 board between the sides. Center the divider. Place the acrylic pieces across the sides and divider about two inches from the bottom edge.

Step 8

Dampen One Side of the Connection

Because Clear Gorilla Glue is activated by moisture, first wet the plywood beneath the bottom 1 x 2 board with a damp cloth.

Step 9

Apply Glue to the Boards

Apply a thin bead of glue to the underside of the bottom board.

Step 10

Clamp the Board

Place the board onto the plywood. Using hand clamps, apply even pressure to the connection between the board and plywood. Repeat to secure the remaining 1 x 2 boards using a damp cloth, Clear Gorilla Glue, and clamps.

Step 11

Prep the Acrylic Sheet

Remove the painter’s tape and protective coating on each side of the acrylic sheet.

Step 12

Wet the Connection

Wet the 1 x 2 sides and divider where the acrylic sheet will rest.

Step 13

Apply Glue to the Acrylic

Apply a thin bead of glue along each edge of the acrylic pieces

Step 14

Secure the Acrylic

Position the acrylic pieces onto the assembly, about 2 inches from the bottom edge, or so that their top edge sets flush with the height of the 1 x 2 divider. Keep the pieces clamped for two hours. Allow the assembly to cure for 24 hours before use.

Step 15

Mount the Magazine Rack

Drive two nails or screws through the magazine rack and into the wall to hold it in place. As always, hitting a stud with at least one of the fasteners is recommended.

Jenn Largesse
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