Project tutorial

DIY Faux Fireplace Log Display

Project cost
3 hours
Estimated time

Even if your hearth is not aglow with flames, your living space can still be cozy with this stacked log illusion. This display is perfect for maintaining a warm, homey vibe when it's too hot to light a fire, or if you don't currently make use of the fireplace. Whether this focal point is more decorative or functional in your home, you can give it a new look for only ten dollars!

(This article was originally created for This Old House magazine by reader and Pepper Design blogger Morgan Spenla. Author // Katelin Hill. Photos // Morgan Spenla.)

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Step 1

Cut Logs

Cut gathered logs into disks 3 inches thick. This project required about 50 disks, equivalent to roughly 12 to 13 feet of wood. Eucalyptus was chosen due to its light color.

Step 2

Prep Piece of Plywood

Cut a piece of plywood to fit inside the firebox, and give it two coats of black paint in a matte finish. Let dry completely.

Step 3

Attach The Faux Logs

Arrange the disks on the board to fit together tightly—remember, they should appear stacked. Secure each with wood glue and let dry. Then use a nail gun to secure the disks to the board from the back. Place the finished front inside the firebox. You can tuck the panel behind a fireplace curtain screen or make a kickstand support from a triangular piece of wood if needed.

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