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Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

It seems there’s a subscription box for every niche these days: cosmetics, snacks, dogs, you name it. And to all the aspiring plant parents, there’s a box for you, too. Brands have recognized that plants are all the rage these days, thus began the subscription bandwagon for greens. If you lack a green thumb but want to join the #plantgang, have no fear, these companies will give you all the ingredients and guidance you need for success. Choose which package works best for your budget and needs (including non-toxic species for pets!) and soon you’ll have a full-blown interior jungle as the months add up. Subscription boxes also make great gifts, so if you have plant lover in your life with a milestone coming up, consider gifting them some living decor.



Horti is described as a “community of urban gardeners” looking to make their surroundings greener. Horti’s mission is to build confidence in its subscribers by shipping easy-to-manage plants with simple care instructions. Plans start at $18 a month and you can receive up to twenty plants at a time!


The Sill

The Sill is a one-stop-shop for all plant needs. Here you’ll find planting expertise, pots, fertilizer, a dreamy Instagram feed, and of course, a variety of plant species. The Sill offers monthly subscription boxes that deliver a surprise plant to your doorstep in a ceramic planter. Choose from three options: Low Light Plants, Plants for Beginners, and Pet-Friendly Plants. Each subscription is $35 per month.


House Plant Box

Build up your leafy collection collection with House Plant Box. This service lets you discover unique species every month and offers a variety of boxes: Air Plants, Herbs, Succulents, Pet-Friendly, Indoor, and Premium. Plans start at $12. 


Cratejoy: Monthly Succulents

Cratejoy is your source for an assortment of curated box subscriptions, including one specifically made for succulents. The plants are paired with handpicked containers and you also have the option to upgrade your box to a succulent and airplant combo. Plans begin at $12.24.


Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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