21 Kitchen Tools You Need for a Successful Thanksgiving

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Most kitchens are equipped with plenty of sauce pans, ladles, and measuring cups to chef-up a decent dinner; but there are some additional tools you need on deck when cooking a Thanksgiving meal. These handy kitchen tools will help buy you time, make food prep easier, enhance flavors, and impress all in attendance. Luckily, these 21 kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving are pretty affordable, and will pay for themselves over and over again throughout the years.

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As friends and family start pouring in, it can be easy to get distracted and forget about something on the stove. This kitchen timer may be your saving grace.

Amazon, $12.97


Carving Set

It’s imperative that you have a good set of knives on hand for the big feast.

Amazon, $39.94


Veggie Chopper

Cutting up produce takes too much time when you have a whole menu to worry about. This little gadget will greatly help your timing budget.

Amazon, $22.97 


Extra Long Oven Mitts

The constant in-and-out of dinner and desserts from the oven can get dangerous, especially when you’re distracted by guests. Keep yourself guarded with these lengthy mitts.

Amazon, $23.99


Meat Thermometer

Nothing spoils a Thanksgiving meal like an overcooked bird.

Amazon, $10.39


Roasting Pan With Nonstick Rack

Roast an evenly cooked turkey in a pan that allows you to remove the rack with handles. Collect all the flavorful juice that the pan catches, and use it to enhance your meal.

Amazon, $169.96


Turkey Fryer

Impress your guests—and their tastebuds—with a deep-fried turkey this year. As a bonus, this fryer safely cooks the turkey indoors without the risk of flame and fire associated with misuse of an outdoor deep-fryer.  

Amazon, $149


Turkey Lift

Get a grip on your poultry and transfer it from pan to plate with ease.

Amazon, $9.99


Baster Set

Keep your turkey moist by infusing juices back into it once every hour.

Amazon, $8.50


Peeler Set

Prep veggies for side dishes and fruits for pies with this three piece peeling set.

Amazon, $14.95


Rimmed Baking Sheet

A deeper, rimmed baking sheet comes in handy when roasting vegetables and juicy meats.

Amazon, $27.43 for 2


Cutting Board With Trench

This sturdy board is perfect for carving meat on and the grooves will collect any juices from spilling over.

Amazon, $59.97


Casserole Dish Set

Cook and serve dishes in this twelve-piece bakeware set that’s safe in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher.

Amazon, $39.99


Gravy Separator

Serve a perfect gravy made with this tool that keeps the flavor in and the fat out of your food.

Amazon, $14.99


Gravy Boat

Present condiments in a heartfelt manner.

Crate&Barrel, $11.97


Electric Corkscrew

Effortlessly open wine bottles in seconds (this could get dangerous).

Amazon, $17.98


Stainless Steel French Rolling Pin

Roll out biscuits and pastries with a professional baker’s tool.

Amazon, $16.75


Pie Dish

Bake and serve your dessert in a pretty dish.

Target, $9.99


Bird Vent

Pop this birdie into the center of your pie dish for an evenly baked treat. The ceramic bird vents out steam through a hole.

Amazon, $12.86


Pie Crust Shield and Molds

Protect your pie crust from burning with a silicone shield that allows you to bake your pie to perfection. This set also includes a variety of crust molds and sugar sprinkles so that you can make something extra festive.

Amazon, $30


Mini Pie Maker

Rather than baking one or two traditional pies, make personal treats for each guest!

Amazon, $29.95


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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