Your Home’s New Year Resolution

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

A new year has dawned and we’re making promises to not only ourselves, but to our homes this year. Attainable goals will be easy to stick by once you realize the pay off they’ll bring. Resolutions for the house can reduce stress, cut down spending, and make for a better presentation, as long as you keep up your end of the bargain. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for your nest that you can commit to, not just in January, but indefinitely.

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Declutter & Organize

Take a cue from the minimalist trend and take this New Year opportunity to turn closets and drawer inside out and start getting rid of stuff! Rummage through, organize, and discard expired and unused items in the pantry and refrigerator, bathroom vanity, basement, attic, every storage closet and every corner in between. Make use of organizational shelves, bins, tools and more for every room of the house to free up space. If you don’t use an item regularly or even a few times a year or find things you forgot even exist, it’s time to let go. This also opens a door for you to give back. Set up a donation box and give items away to those who could use them.

Go Green

Transitioning your home into one that’s greener can be simple. It might take some investing at first, but switching to a greener way of life will pay for itself in the long-run. First, start with the easy stuff: properly recycling, shutting the tap off when brushing teeth, switching off lights when leaving a room. Switch your shower head and toilet for low-flow options. Low-flow technology maintains water pressure but reduces the amount of flow and is much more energy efficient, so you will start to see your water bill drop. Replace light bulbs with LEDs; these can last up to 50,000 hours! Although more pricey at about $40 for one bulb, it’s a no-brainer when you realize they don’t need replacing for the next 10+ years. If you’re feeling especially eco-conscious, consider powering your home with solar panels.

Stay Safe

Make sure to keep all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors up to date and powered on. Knowing your health and safety is being protected will allow you to rest assured. Check out our list of smart home gadgets that will make taking these precautions easier and allow for alerts to be sent to your phone for instant updates.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

A structured regiment may help you stay on top of household tasks. Some chores should be done daily while others need to be done weekly or monthly, so a calendar can be handy in keeping you on track. Dishes and laundry should be put away as soon as they’re done. Other tasks like changing linens, cleaning the tub, or vacuuming can all get a designated slot on your calendar. A portable carrier with compartments for all cleaning essentials like sprays and gloves will make your job even easier when moving from room to room.

Do More DIYs & Home Improvements!

This is your year to step out of your comfort zone and build all the things idly waiting in your Pinterest boards. Check projects off your to-do list and have fun doing it with family or roommates. This includes outdoor improvements, too; spruce up an entryway or work on some curb appeal for a more welcoming place to call home.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
Dani is House One’s assistant editor. As a Norwalk, CT native, Dani graduated from UConn with a BA in Digital Media and Design. This millennial longs for the days of All That, Tamagotchis, and Dunkaroos. When she’s not working, she’s hanging outdoors, playing with her dogs, or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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