Healthy Home Cleaning & Safety Tips: Living Room

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

The living room gets some of the most foot traffic in the home, and because of this, it can be a challenge keeping it tidy on the daily. The living room can function as a place for gathering as well as a destination for unwinding after a long day, so it’s important to maintain a cleanly area. Here are some strategies for keeping your living area clean and safe:

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Sanitize Remotes

Wipe down all handheld devices – TV remotes, phones, keyboards, game controllers – as they may harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat.


Add a Plant or Two

Naturally purify the air with plants. Species like spider plants, peace lilies, philodendrons, and aloe vera can help neutralize formaldehyde and benzene. Snake plants, English ivy, Boston and asparagus ferns, and Areca and bamboo palms also make good neutralizers.


Clean Rugs Weekly

Carpets and rugs should be cleaned every week. It’s recommended you use an attachment with an air-driven brush or a canister vacuum with suction only on soft synthetics, like wool, to avoid damage. Regular hose attachments are fine for cleanup on flat-weave cotton. Use a handheld horsehair brush to gently remove pet hair. Have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 16 months and send out wool area rugs every 18 to 24 months to keep them in mint condition.


Use a Vacuum With a HEPA Filter

Vacuums with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are best for trapping dust, animal dander, and other allergens. Use the included attachment tools on dust-catching curtains, lamp shades, and upholstery.

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Get Machine-Washable Curtains

Machine-washable curtains will pay for themselves over and over again. Wash as often as needed to keep them dust-free.

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Avoid Water Marks

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Prevent water spots and rings on surfaces by always using coasters under drinks and flower pots.


Clean Up the Chimney

Hire a chimney sweep regularly for fireplace and chimney maintenance. Not only will your living room look more polished, but the cleaning helps lower airborne particulates and carbon-monoxide emissions. Tip: Before sweeping up yourself, dampen the ashes so that they don’t fly all over the room.


Buy an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can help eliminate dust, pollen, smoke, and more.

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Open the Windows

Indoor air can contain more chemical pollutants than the outdoors. Open windows to air out the house, unless of course, it’s peak pollen season.


Conceal Cords and Wires

Keep unsightly electrical cords on walls and floors concealed with paintable cord covers. This will prevent safety hazards as well as make the unattractive clutter blend in with the room. These covers can be attached to various surfaces including walls, corners, and baseboards.

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Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
Dani is House One’s assistant editor. As a Norwalk, CT native, Dani graduated from UConn with a BA in Digital Media and Design. This millennial longs for the days of All That, Tamagotchis, and Dunkaroos. When she’s not working, she’s hanging outdoors, playing with her dogs, or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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