Healthy Home Cleaning & Safety Tips: Entryway

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Everyday dirt, mud, bacteria, pesticides and yes, insects, come knocking at our doors. With all these intruders, it takes effort to maintain a clean and healthy home. Combat entryway germs and pests with these tips:

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Use Mats on Both Sides of Doors

Mats catch the majority of dirt, allergens and bacteria that get tracked indoors. Place one on each side of every entrance and wash as needed.

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No Shoes Allowed

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A no-shoes policy is one way to guarantee that dirt and lawn chemicals don’t make themselves at home. Organize shoes on a rack that allows for air to circulate around damp footwear.


Disinfect Everything

Doorknobs, key hooks, light switches and furniture are all hosts for bacteria. Wipe down these areas on the regular.


Prepare for Rainy Days

Keep wet items contained at the entrance to maintain a clean and dry area. An umbrella stand at the ready will be especially useful.

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Keep Out the Pollen

Beware of hay fever season. Prevent bringing in pollen by brushing off outerwear, cleaning pets’ fur and feet, and avoid hanging laundry outside on clothes lines until allergy season winds down.


Air Out Dry Cleaning

Before bringing in garments from the dry cleaners, take off the plastic bags that they’re returned to you in. These bags may have residual on them, from perchloroethylene, a common dry cleaning solvent and suspected carcinogen, which can evaporate. If your items have a strong chemical odor at pick-up, ask that they be dried again properly. You may also want to do research on local organic dry cleaners.


Check Pets

In addition to treating dogs and cats with tick-and-flea medication, comb through their fur with a fine-tooth comb to catch pests before they tag along with your pets inside. Beware that some flea shampoos and collars contain pesticides, which may rub off onto furniture.

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Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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