Easy Concrete DIYs for Beginners

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Words like “concrete” and “cement” may at first bring you the mental image of heavy-duty construction projects and industrial-sized mixers; but this material is actually a fun and easy medium to create with and is becoming more and more popular amongst DIYers. The finished look of cement is clean and modern—right up our alley. And with various techniques and paint color, the possibilities for concrete creativity are limitless. Try out these easy concrete projects below.

Photo: Homeology

Candle Holders

How gorgeous are these marble and copper candle holders?! You can easily fool friends and family into thinking you paid a pretty penny for this pair at a retail store using this tutorial from Pure Sweet Joy.


Accessory Trays

Small trays are essential for collecting jewelry, keys, any other small items when you walk in the door or go to sleep. Follow these steps from A Pair and a Spare to create marbled concrete dishes for your entryway or nightstand.


Ring Cones

Another accessory must-have: ring cones. Head to DIY in PDX for the easy concrete project.


Bucket Stool

This sleek stool only cost $5 to make! Head to HomeMade Modern for the step-by-step.



Safeguard your coffee table from rings and stains with these gold-accented coasters. Pure Sweet Joy breaks down the simple concrete instructions at Homeology.


Tile Planter Box

Although this DIY concrete project from Jungalow doesn’t require any making of concrete, we threw it in the mix for you because it’s just THAT beautiful. Already-made concrete tiles are assembled around and adhered to a rectangular box for a fun planter.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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