10 of the Easiest Plants to Keep Alive

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Freshen up your home with plants you hardly have to tend to. Some believe you either have a green thumb or you don’t and that’s that – but we’re here to share the good news that is; anyone can keep these low-maintenance plants from dying. Most, if not all, of these low maintenance indoor plants can be bought online and shipped virtually anywhere; so if your shrub or vine of choice can withstand the packing and shipping, life for it at your dwellings will be a breeze.

Lush, bright greenery quite literally livens up a space, and the air purification inside your home is an added bonus. The list below is made up of species that require such little care, they basically grow themselves. Almost all of these easy house plants need is to be kept in indirect sunlight and get watered once their soil runs dry – it’s as simple as that.

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Ponytail Palm

Also called Elephant’s foot, this plant of the succulent family needs to dry out a little bit between waterings to avoid root damage. The beautiful and funny-named greenery thrives in bright light but does just fine throughout winter, as long as it got plenty of sun during previous warmer months.

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Devil’s Ivy

If you want, you can grow this plant solely in water! Alternatively, it can survive dry for a while without dying. Don’t fret if the plant looks like it’s on its way out, as soon as you water it again it will perk back up and continue to grow. Keep out of direct, bright sunlight and complete darkness, it will thrive in any condition between those.

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Also known as the Umbrella Tree, this leafy plant does best with bright but indirect sunlight. Only water once the soil dries out. Beware: this houseplant is toxic to pets.

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Lucky Bamboo

Bright, indirect light is perfect for the Lucky Bamboo. This plant can grow in straight water and does best when held upright between rocks or gravel.

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Chinese Evergreen

This plant thrives in low light but grows in almost every condition, as long as it’s out of direct sunlight. Water every few days, allowing the soil to become slightly dry in between re-watering. Keep away from drafts and out of rooms below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Spider Plant

Possibly the easiest to care for, the spider plant has low light and water requirements; just keep it in bright, indirect sunlight and don’t let it become soggy from overwatering. These plants sprout small shoots (pups) that you can opt to leave attached or cut off and repotted (yay, more plants!). Expect this low maintenance indoor plant to stick around for the next ten years plus.

(Photo: Waitrose & Partners)

Rubber Plant

Bright and indirect light make the perfect condition for this plant. Make sure to only water it once the soil is dry to touch and that the plant is not standing in water come maintenance time. Feel free to mist the leaves in the summer for added humidity. To keep the leaves looking clean and shiny, gently wash with a damp cloth.

(Photo: Waitrose & Partners)

Aloe Vera

It’s quite easy to care for this plant that possesses healing properties. Sit your succulent in a wide container with drainage holes in indirect sunlight. This plant prefers slightly dryer conditions, but does need watering once the soil becomes fully parched. If you cut the leaves for medical or beauty purposes, make sure to not take off more than one third of only one piece.

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Jade Plant

At first it may be a little tricky to figure out the exact amount of water your jade plant needs, but once you got it down it can live for many years. This plant needs a moderate amount of sunlight and like most on this list, needs to maintain dry soil in between watering. During the summer, jade plants like a bit more water, just make sure to not get the leaves wet or water soil too much, as this causes rotting. Brown leaves are indicative that your plant could use more water.

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Snake Plants

The snake plant, otherwise known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue, is pretty invincible. This plant doesn’t require much light at all (perfect for those basement apartments) and can go weeks, maybe longer, without water. Don’t overwater and make sure she has good drainage to avoid rotting.

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Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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