DIY Fringe Chandeliers

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Brighten up your space with a fringe-accented chandelier. These lightless fixtures will bring all the boho vibes anywhere they’re installed and will cost you pennies to make, compared to the decor offerings in retail stores. Hang one overhead where you wish you had lighting capability or use it as way to add color to a dull interior.


This fabulous piece is made with just a pendant light and yarn. Head to Lonny to see how it’s constructed.


Inspired by a vintage 60s fixture, the Jungalow set out to recreate a ceiling statement piece. The golden accent and white strings allow this piece to be styled in a variety of ways from boho to elegant.


How fun is this neon decoration! The Neon Party assembled tassels and a pom pom to make this project, finishing it with a little neon dip-dye.


A Pair and a Spare made this gorgeous accoutrement using a macrame technique. The textured but light material lends a soft air to the room.



Berin Made crafted this vibrant piece for Bespoke Bride. The vibrant palette is a fun way to throw more color into a space.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
Dani is House One’s assistant editor. As a Norwalk, CT native, Dani graduated from UConn with a BA in Digital Media and Design. This millennial longs for the days of All That, Tamagotchis, and Dunkaroos. When she’s not working, she’s hanging outdoors, playing with her dogs, or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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