8 Cute & Easy DIY Christmas Tree Skirts

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Historically, tree skirts were used to catch melting wax from candles that illuminated Christmas trees. Today, however, the primary role of a tree skirt is to camouflage the stand. Conceal your tree’s base with a DIY Christmas tree skirt that expresses personal style while keeping things tidy. Most of these projects require zero sewing and you could probably get away with glue-gunning the few skirts that are sewn, if you prefer. Get ideas for Christmas tree skirts below!

Photo: The Renegade Seamstress 

Pom Poms

Upgrade a tree skirt with handmade pom poms in seasonal colors. Read more at PMQ for Two.



Inspired by Moroccan wedding blankets, Makerista crafted this gorgeous skirt. See the tutorial at Design Sponge.


Drop Cloth Ruffle

Most ruffle skirt DIYs include layers of bunched up fabric, but It All Started With Paint specifically wanted a single ruffle, thus this project was born. She used a painter’s drop cloth, noting, “where else can you find 4′ x 15′ piece of fabric for a less than $1 a yard”?


Felt Fringe

This fun and modern DIY from Pretty Prudent would look adorable around a tree trunk.


Faux Fur

Furnish your tree with a trendy faux fir skirt. Head to A Beautiful Mess for not one, but three creative DIYs!


More Ruffles

Bunch layers of fabric to create a beautiful ruffle trim for the tree. Get the steps from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen.



The Renegade Seamstress shows us how to make a contemporary tree skirt using a round tablecloth! Find the details on eHow.



These ivory colored petals look stunning framed around the tree. See the tutorial at LiveLoveDIY.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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