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Wall Colors That Help You Sleep Better

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Need more ways to get a better night’s rest? Your wall color could play a role. Bedroom elements such as lighting and linens impact sleep, but the intensity and shade of a paint color has the power to affect your mood, energy level, and rest as well. Hotel company Travelodge, conducted a study to explore the power of color and sleep. They looked within 2,000 British homes and established the best colors for bedrooms. Overall, blue was the clear winner, and the majority of those with this shade reported waking up feeling refreshed and happy. It’s no shock that blue, a color known to be calming and soothing, was the leader; but if this hue doesn’t bring you a happy sensation, have a look at the runners-up that’ll promote a better slumber:

Image: via Lianna Tarantin


The best colors, ranked:


Celestial, Sherwin-Williams; Deep Sea, Valspar; Angelic Blue, Behr; Lucerne, Benjamin Moore

Symbolism: tranquility, confidence, wisdom

Image: Britta Bloggt


Pencil Sketch, Behr; Rock Candy, Sherwin-Williams; Elephant Gray, Valspar; Metallic Silver, Benjamin Moore

Symbolism: balance, sophistication, quietness

Image: Green Life Prints


Butterscotch Lollipop, Valspar; They Call It Mellow, Sherwin-Williams; Upbeat, Behr; Sundance, Benjamin Moore

Symbolism: optimism, clarity, freshness

Image: Hotel Henriette via Domino


Hillside Grove, Behr; Home on the Range, Benjamin Moore; Parisian Patina, Sherwin-Williams; Northern Hemisphere, Valspar

Symbolism: growth, harmony, safety

Image: Cedar & Suede


Outgoing Orange, Sherwin-Williams; Honey Burst, Benjamin Moore; Peach Taffy, Valspar; Mango Tango, Behr

Symbolism: joy, warmth, creativity

Image: The New via Nikole Ramsay


Hues to avoid:





Dani Caruso
Dani Caruso By Dani Caruso
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