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The New Outdoor Line at Society6

Image: Society6

You may be familiar with the online brand Society6, but if you’re not, their new outdoor line is a fabulous introduction. What sets Society6 from other online retailers is that they host a marketplace where artists from all around the world get paid to have their designs put on products. Just in time for summer, the brand rolled out six new exterior pieces that can be decorated with art from thousands of global creatives. In addition to the site’s houseware items like tapestries and prints, the new launch includes a picnic blanket, a floor cushion, a sling chair, a folding stool, sun shades, and doormats. This weatherproof line allows you to unleash your personality outdoors while getting the most out of your exterior experience, plus, your purchase supports artists!

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Picnic Blanket

Leave the towels and throws indoors and enjoy a a picnic with a more appropriate blanket. Not only is this water-resistant blanket great for seasonal snacking, it makes the perfect foundation for sunbathing and lounging out.

Retro Colored Square Space Picnic Blanket, $99


Floor Cushion

Turn any space below you into a cozy seat with an overstuffed floor cushion. Ideal for backyard hangs and beach outings, these plushy squares bring comfort to any environment.


Sling Chair

This hammock-style seat reclines back into three positions so that you can enjoy laid-back summer vibes from anywhere it’s placed.


Folding Stool

Place refreshments down or prop your feet up on this collapsible surface.

Monstera Flying to Summer Folding Stool, $49


Sun Shades

Shield yourself from the heat if it becomes too much with this lightweight canopy. The durable shade is UV treated so that both you and the decorative design are protected while under the sun.


Keep the outdoors from getting in with a unique mat at the entryway. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you’re bound to find a mat that matches your home’s style.

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