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Scandinavian-Inspired Pillows

Every time I see a Scandinavian designed room​, I’m immediately drawn to the textures and materials that are used to make these spaces amazing. You can expect to see fabrics such as cable knit, fur and wool. Rich textures create the warmth that we’re all drawn to! The easiest way to add this look to your space is by simply adding new throw pillows. Here are a few tips and tricks to incorporating Scandinavian throw pillows into your room.

To create a Scandinavian look without overdoing it, just remember to mix and match textures. If you have a cable knit pillow, display it next to a wool pillow. Or if you have a few fur pillows, place them by a linen or cotton pillow. Also remember to mix up color tones. Use a cream pillow next to a dark gray pillow. Or a white and black pillow next to a light grey pillow. The Scandinavian looks is organic and unorthodox. Your textured throw pillows don’t have to be matchy matchy by any means. Have fun, and play around with those rich textures!

Photo Credit: Elisah Jacobs / InteriorJunkie

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