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Have you ever been a guest in a home with the most perfect patio set up and you wanted it badly for your own home? Like it felt complete and put together, and it surpassed your patio dreams? Most likely it was styled and had a clear direction in design. When I design a patio, I start by creating a specific zone for lounging and for seating guests. To make this happen, I choose a stylish outdoor rug as the anchor, which is the easiest option in creating a zone. Outside area rugs are actually very functional and made to withstand even the worst weather. In saying that, don’t be afraid of using outdoor rugs! If they get dirty, they’re normally super easy to clean. Indoor/outdoor rugs are woven from polypropylene (or a blend) for long-lasting durability and incredible stain resistance. So there’s no need to freak out the next time someone drops barbecue sauce or even a glass of red wine all over your carpet.

Outdoor rugs are available in a wide array of sizes, colors and designs that work in any decor. And if you like the look of natural jute, choose a more neutral style to blend in your space. Did I mention the price? Because they can be produced relatively cheaply, these rugs are super budget friendly. If you’re on a budget, polypropylene rugs are a great alternative to wool and other natural fiber rugs. Happy shopping!

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Kirsten Grove
Kirsten is the amazingly talented interior designer behind the blog, Simply Grove. Her book Simply Styling shares fresh and easy ways to personalize your home and was named one of the greatest coffee table books to give as a gift by the LA Times. Her shop in Boise, Idaho and online is what Kirsten calls, “wish list approved” offering everything from furniture to decor.

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