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Mid Century Desks

When designing the perfect office, the hunt for a practical yet beautiful desk is always number one on the list. When choosing the perfect outfit, we never skimp on the right pair of shoes. The same should be with the right desk—It can make or break a space. And it’s funny how the right desk can get you in the mood to get down to business. Whether you enjoy a large workspace so you can spread out all your resources, or you prefer a small surface to squeeze into your tiny condo, this piece of furniture is very VERY important, both aesthetically and functionally. I personally love choosing the perfect desk, and then designing around it. One style of desk that can be paired with a variety of styles and aesthetics is a mid century desk. The lines and shape of this style are both classic and stylish. 

It often comes into question whether midcentury will ever fade. Well, I can assure you that it’s not happening anytime soon! New furniture designs are constantly referencing this pivotal era and taking fresh spins on these signature pieces. It’s important to note that mixing mid century with styles such as traditional or even bohemian can increase a very tailored look. Meaning these pieces make your office look very “put together”. I have gathered a few of my favorite mid century desks in a variety of budgets. Happy shopping!

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Kirsten Grove
Kirsten is the amazingly talented interior designer behind the blog, Simply Grove. Her book Simply Styling shares fresh and easy ways to personalize your home and was named one of the greatest coffee table books to give as a gift by the LA Times. Her shop in Boise, Idaho and online is what Kirsten calls, “wish list approved” offering everything from furniture to decor.

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