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The Best Sources for Hairpin Legs

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Swap out the legs on any piece of furniture with a set of hairpins for an instant modern upgrade. Or pick up a salvaged piece of live edge wood and pop some pins on it for a chic coffee table. Although simple, hairpin legs add a burst of personality wherever they stand and come in a variety of styles from funky neon colors to classy metallic finishes. These sleek legs combine retro style with contemporary trends to complement kitchen tables, desks, stools, and more. Whether you want a light set of legs for a smaller object or need a heavy duty bundle for a project that will be supporting more weight, these quality pegs won’t break the bank.

Set of 4 28″ Brass Finish Hairpin Legs, $94


Modern Legs

“Just the Tip” Hairpin Legs, $15.50 & up



3 Rod Hairpin Leg, AkiDesignCo, $18.48 & up


DIY Hairpin Legs

3 Rod Hairpin Legs, $10.99 & up



6” I-Semble Hairpin Table Legs, 4-Pack, $29.99


DIY Furniture Store

2 Rod Hairpin Legs, $121.99


The Hairpin Leg Co.

Set of 4 28″ Desk/Dining Table, $62.95 & up

Dani Caruso
Dani Caruso By Dani Caruso
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