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Designing with Black Accents

Design with Black Accents by House One Kirsten Grove
Trends come and go, but style never leaves. Styling your home can sometimes feel overwhelming, but if you consider using stylish and classic pieces, you will rarely have to switch items out. Designing with black accents is a classic decision that will keep your home looking fresh, timeless and beautiful. Use it sparingly for a burst of style.


Black decor brings contrast and contrast brings beauty. Because black can be paired with almost any color, you can use it pretty much anywhere. To create a modern, minimalist look, use it throughout your space in your lighting, accessories and even furniture. If you’re creating more of an organic look, add black sporadically in art, ceramics and textiles. Black matte lighting looks fantastic against white walls, just like how black marble looks amazing against brass. Black doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s meant to be a showstopper!


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Kirsten Grove
Kirsten is the amazingly talented interior designer behind the blog, Simply Grove. Her book Simply Styling shares fresh and easy ways to personalize your home and was named one of the greatest coffee table books to give as a gift by the LA Times. Her shop in Boise, Idaho and online is what Kirsten calls, “wish list approved” offering everything from furniture to decor.

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