10 Creative Macrame Projects for Home

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

The art of macrame has had a surging comeback recently. The soft, natural look can complement virtually any space, and by learning just one or two knotting styles, the design possibilities are endless. While we’re all familiar with the hanging planters and wall art, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite macrame decor ideas to showcase the versatility of this technique. Check out these creative macrame projects from featured blogs and DIYers.

Photo: Lily Ardor


Rope Light

Oversize lightbulbs are suspended from macrame’d cords in this tutorial from Vintage Revivals.


Tassel Accessory

Here’s a creative macrame project we love! Add personality to doorknobs, coat racks and hooks around the house with this decorative tassel from Cuckoo4Design.



This knotted banner from Cuckoo4Design is gorgeous; hang it on a mantel, drape it over the bed, even wrap it around a Christmas tree!


Deck Chair

Give a fabric deck chair a face lift. Get the steps from A Pair & A Spare.



Also crafted from A Pair & A Spare: a macrame chandelier!


Hanging Mirror

Made in a Day shows us how to give a regular mirror a bohemian makeover.


Table Runner

Dress up a table with this project from My French Twist.


Area Rug

This adorable little macrame-inspired rug from Lily Ardor is the perfect accent to any carpet or wood floor.


Throw Pillows

Bring some texture to the room with these macrame fringe pillows by Life is a Party.



Adorn a window with this DIY curtain from A Beautiful Mess that will allow rays of sunlight to sneak into the room.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
Dani is House One’s assistant editor. As a Norwalk, CT native, Dani graduated from UConn with a BA in Digital Media and Design. This millennial longs for the days of All That, Tamagotchis, and Dunkaroos. When she’s not working, she’s hanging outdoors, playing with her dogs, or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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