9 Contemporary Dreamcatcher DIYs

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

DIY a modern interpretation of a dreamcatcher. Tailor one of these wall ornaments to suit your home’s style with various accouterments and color schemes. Incorporate details like brass rings, wooden beads and faux plants to craft a trendy piece.

This contemporary interpretation of a dreamcatcher has ancient roots in Native American culture. Natives first crafted these “dream filters” with sacred beads and feathers to be hung over babies’ cradles for protection. Authentic dreamcatchers from a reservation or native-owned company can also be purchased from online shops.

Photo: Tracey Tilleyy at Studio 34



Follow this tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect to create this gorgeous minimal piece.



Acorns, branches, and feathers were collected outdoors and attached to this double hoop fixture. Get the details at Maptote.


Branching Out

Assemble this dark and dreamy accessory from Studio 34 to lend an edgy vibe to the room.



A brass ring shines through macrame weaving in this project from Brooklyn Craft Company.



Recreate this dreamcatcher idea from No Compass Necessary that is totally on-trend.


Anthro Imitation

DIY an Anthropologie knockoff with this how-to from FrugElegance.



This beautiful ornament is guaranteed to keep nightmares away. Also from Studio 34.


Cool Toned

Create an especially dreamy decoration with long, colorful strands. Lisa Tilse loaded her step-by-step project onto Tuts+.



Hang this whimsical accessory from Es. Kaa. Makes over your bed for a good night’s rest.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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