Tools You Need for a Better Spring Garden

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

The temps are rising and the days are getting longer—spring is upon us! Now’s the time to stock up on all your gardening needs so that you’re ready to hit the yard as soon as the weather breaks. This shopping guide has some of the best garden tools on the market that’ll make tending to flowers, herbs, or shrubs more enjoyable and bountiful.

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Scissor Set

Tend to your garden with this vintage-style shear set that’s perfect for smaller trimmings.

$25, FrogGoesToMarket, Etsy

Storage Seat

This garden essential is a seat and storage tote in one that allows you to transport tools with ease and give your body a break while working outside.

$90.70, Amazon


These durable yet flexible gloves are made for both women and men. Even better, they’re touchscreen-friendly and offer additional grip in a breathable material to keep hands clean and protected while you work.

$9.97, Amazon

Tool Caddy

Save yourself the struggle of lugging various tools over multiple trips from the shed or garage with this cart that gets the job done with ease.

$89.95, Gardener’s

Metal Watering Can

Water your plants, but make it classy.

$24.99, H&M

Hose Timer

Save your plants (and your monthly bills) from over-watering with this handy device.

$29.98, Lowe’s

Cordless Shears

This tool interchanges to suit your landscaping needs from shearing grass to trimming hedges.

$45.99, Walmart

Potting Table

Easily re-pot plants with this red cedar table that doubles as a buffet when entertaining outdoors.

$249.99, Target

Ultimate Tool Set


This stainless-steel set has it all: trowel, fork, compost scoop, dibber, weeder, twist cultivator, ergo hoe, rake, secateur; perfect for beginner gardeners and enthusiasts.

$299.95, Williams Sonoma

Foldable Garden Cart

Collect weeds, spread bark, move gravel, rocks or pruning debris with this wheelbarrow that collapses for better storage.

$169.99, The Home Depot

Tool Sharpener

Your tools are bound to get a little dull after all the hard work you put into your exterior. This gadget will make them good as new.

$9.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Tool Basket

Keep tools and accessories fashionably organized in this handcrafted basket that adds charm to a gardenscape.

$39.95, Williams Sonoma


50 ft. Expandable Hose


This hose is built with an anti-leak system so that no water goes to waste.

$44.95, Amazon

Kneeler and Seat

Your knees and bum will greatly appreciate this.

$39.95, Gardener’s

Dump Cart

Effortlessly haul seeds, tools, shrubs, trimmings and more back and forth.

$70.98, Amazon

Seed and Fertilizer Spreader

Speed up plantin’ time with this seeder that comes with 6 interchangeable plates, which allow for up to 28 varieties of vegetable seeds to be distributed. 

$108.99, Target

The Easy Cultivator

This highly-rated device is made with the patented Perfect Garden Tool handle to make garden tilling quick and pain-free.

$29.95, The Home Depot

Soil Analyzer

Grow seeds to their maximum potential with this device that measures sunlight, soil pH, moisture levels, and combined NPK.

$47.99, Gurney’s

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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