10 Beautiful Holiday Gifts That You Can DIY

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

Gift friends and family something from the heart, not the store, this year. Although simple to make, these DIY holiday gifts look like items ordered from a catalogue. There are plenty of unique options to choose from, all of which make you stand out and leave lasting memories. Best of all, these projects, while inspired by popular name brand products, won’t break the bank this holiday!


Tablet Stand

Perfect for the cook or multitasker in your life. Get the details at The Crafted Sparrow.


Jewelry Box

The Crafted Life took ten minutes to give these simple boxes a chic makeover.


Hand Warmers

This thoughtful gift will warm hearts – and hands! Find out how to craft these oversized hand warmers from Rae Ann Kelly.


Planter Cutting Board

Gift your loved one or holiday party host this custom cutting board that has built-in herb planters for easy seasoning access. By: The Merrythought.


Terrazzo Cheese Knives

You can’t go wrong with a cheese knife set, especially one decorated in such a cool style. See the step by step tutorial for this DIY holiday gift at A Beautiful Mess.


Metallic Glass Set

Learn from Sarah Hearts how to create your own set of West Elm-inspired glasses.



Craft up some DIY ornaments like these ones from The Merrythought that are both stylish and quick to make.


Chunky Blanket

Give something that’ll make someone feel fuzzy inside AND outside, like this cozy blanket by Lily Ardor.


Checkers Set

Making Nice in the Midwest built this beautiful checker board set for A Beautiful Mess that makes for both a fun game night activity as well as a posh decor piece.


Gold-Dipped Mugs

Make a set of these gold-accented mugs in minutes. See the tutorial for this Christmas gift you can make at Poppytalk.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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