Here at House One, we believe in the passion that drives DIY. Whether you’re a new homeowner, or a maker with years under your belt, we are all motivated by the same amazing feeling that comes from creating or fixing something with our own two hands.

House One is a community of Makers + Fixers + Designers + Builders coming together under one roof to detail every step of DIY so you can skip the frustration and enjoy the process.

We share everything from videos featuring building projects, tool tutorials, and easy home fixes to design advice and buying guides. Our DIY Directory showcases projects by fellow makers, while our blog covers trending topics and guides for new homeowners and renters.



Our Roots

House One launched in February 2018 as a new brand by This Old House with a focus on new homeowners and renters. This Old House has been America’s number one resource for trusted information on renovating and updating for nearly 40 years. As a new digital property, House One draws on the roots of its parent company, sharing the highest standards for projects, tutorials and advice.



Jenn Largesse

House One Creator and Editor

As the daughter of a carpenter and an english teacher, she has been honing her love for woodworking and writing her entire life. After nearly a decade as a writer and producer for This Old House, she bought her first home in rural New England and launched her blog, Build Basic