10 Resin DIYs That Only Look Hard to Make

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso

If you’re looking for a fun and unique project to get your hands on, have a go with a resin DIY project. Working with resin is much easier than you’d think, and the finished, glossy result looks like something professionally made. When creating with this substance, you have two options: construct something completely from resin (ex: a planter) or use the medium alongside other materials (ex: a desktop). Dyes, glitter, and other supplies can be mixed in with the substances to create any look you desire. Here are some easy resin crafts you can get started on:

Image: Doodlecraft

Serving Tray

A simple wooden tray and decorative paper all you need to get started on a faux marble serving tray. Head to For the Makers for the full tutorial.

Cabinet Knobs

Make a set of clear chic knobs with a reusable mold. See Resin Crafts for details.

Resin Crafts graces us with a glamorous sparkly version as well.

Cheese Board

Give a regular cheese board a funky upgrade with these instructions from Resin Obsession.

Live Edge Table

Our friend Sam aka DIY Huntress shows us how surprisingly easy it is to make one these popular side tables.


Resin, turquoise gems, and a little marbling action resulted in this eye-catching clock by Delicious and DIY.

Accessory Tray

We love this gold-specked tray from Vitamini Handmade who says, “All you need is some gold leaf scraps, pourable resin and supplies, and a tray to make this unique piece that would look beautiful on a bedside table or dresser. Package it up with some nice bath products and it would make a thoughtful gift”!


Glam up a plywood desk with a chic resin-made top. Get the instructions from Centsational Style.

“Agate” Coasters

Save money on trendy crystal and geode decor and DIY authentic-looking “agate” coasters using these steps from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary.


How cute are these geometric planters?! Head to Doodlecraft for the easy how-to.

Dani Caruso
By Dani Caruso
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